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Course: Full-Time Training in Anaheim - Online (FTTA-OL)
Glossary: FTTA-OL FAQ

Do I get a grade in the course?

Yes, each course is graded. You accumulate points each week based on assignments that you complete and submit. Over the eight-week course period the total number of points that can be accumulated is 100. Grades are posted at the end of each week.

Do I have to take the courses in a certain order?

All learners are required to take The Word of God (1) class as their first course in the program. Other than that, unless a course has a prerequisite, you do not have to take courses in any particular order. Some courses in the program are offered in a sequence based on parcels. A parcel is two or three courses within a major course topic (for example, The Body of Christ) that cover the same sub-topic, earlier courses in the parcel being prerequisite to later courses. A detailed description of course parcels and which courses they apply to can be viewed here: https://onlineftta.org/mod/resource/view.php?id=13501.


Do I need any special computer equipment to take a course?

The main thing you will need is a working desktop computer with a reliable internet connection. If you have questions about your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone, please see "Can I use my iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone to take classes in FTTA-OL?" A detailed description of what you will need can be viewed under “Technical Requirements” here: https://onlineftta.org/mod/resource/view.php?id=3473.

Do the courses have a teacher or trainer?

A blended group of experienced facilitators leads each FTTA Online class. These serving ones are not a group of experts or teachers but are facilitators who coordinate to foster the learning process and generally facilitate the study of the truth.

Main Functions of the Facilitators:
• Guide the class through the material
• Keep the class on task
• Help learners who are struggling
• Monitor and encourage class progress and participation
• Serve as discussion moderators
• Grade assignments and offer feedback to learners

Do you need a college degree to participate in the FTTA-OL program?

We strongly suggest that all learners have a college degree before enrolling in classes. This and other program requirements can be viewed here: https://onlineftta.org/mod/resource/view.php?id=3473.

Does the FTTA-OL program have a language requirement?

Because FTTA-OL classes involve extensive writing, we require that all learners have the ability both to read and to write comfortably in English. Learning in the classes is collaborative, and insufficient English-language skills will result in frustration not only to the learner but to the entire class. This and other program requirements can be viewed here: https://onlineftta.org/mod/resource/view.php?id=3473.

How do I set my time zone?

All of your assignments are due at the end of the day in your time zone. It is very important to set your time zone correctly. The time zone setting is located on your profile page. You can set it in the following way: Log in to your account and click on your name in the upper right hand corner of your screen. On your profile page click on the "Edit profile" tab and scroll down to "Timezone." This is where you set your time zone. If you do not set your time zone properly, your assignments may be marked late. For information on which time zone to enter, please see: What timezone should I select?

How long is each course?

Each course is eight weeks long.

How long will it take to complete all the courses?

The FTTA-OL program offers five terms per year, and there are thirty courses in the program. If you were to take one course per term, it would take about six years to complete them all. That being said, FTTA-OL is designed with the view that most learners will take one or two courses per year for the next fifteen to thirty years. By the Lord’s mercy, we all will be in His move and His ministry for the rest of our lives, and we hope that many believers will spend these years studying God’s Word and being constituted with the divine truth.

How much does it cost to take a course?

Each course costs US$200.00. Each term the deadline date for early registration is posted on the FTTA-OL site: https://onlineftta.org.