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Do I get a grade in the course?

Yes, each course is graded. You accumulate points each week based on assignments that you complete and submit. Over the eight-week course period the total number of points that can be accumulated is 100. Grades are posted at the end of each week.

Do I have to take the courses in a certain order?

All learners are required to take The Word of God (1) class as their first course in the program. Other than that, unless a course has a prerequisite, you do not have to take courses in any particular order. Some courses in the program are offered in a sequence based on parcels. A parcel is two or three courses within a major course topic (for example, The Body of Christ) that cover the same sub-topic, earlier courses in the parcel being prerequisite to later courses. A detailed description of course parcels and which courses they apply to can be viewed here:


Do I need any special computer equipment to take a course?

The main thing you will need is a working desktop computer with a reliable internet connection. If you have questions about your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone, please see "Can I use my iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone to take classes in FTTA-OL?" A detailed description of what you will need can be viewed under “Technical Requirements” here:

Do the courses have a teacher or trainer?

A blended group of experienced facilitators leads each FTTA Online class. These serving ones are not a group of experts or teachers but are facilitators who coordinate to foster the learning process and generally facilitate the study of the truth.

Main Functions of the Facilitators:
• Guide the class through the material
• Keep the class on task
• Help learners who are struggling
• Monitor and encourage class progress and participation
• Serve as discussion moderators
• Grade assignments and offer feedback to learners

Do you need a college degree to participate in the FTTA-OL program?

We strongly suggest that all learners have a college degree before enrolling in classes. This and other program requirements can be viewed here:

Does the FTTA-OL program have a language requirement?

Because FTTA-OL classes involve extensive writing, we require that all learners have the ability both to read and to write comfortably in English. Learning in the classes is collaborative, and insufficient English-language skills will result in frustration not only to the learner but to the entire class. This and other program requirements can be viewed here: