Enroll in Courses

You may enroll in FTTA-OL courses by selecting them below. If you have never taken an FTTA-OL course before, you are required to first complete The Word of God (1) before moving on to other courses. If you have failed a course in the past, you will be required to pass the same course before enrolling in a different course (For more details see "What if I fail a course?" here). Courses may be dropped through the first ten days of class for a US$100 refund.

Use this page to request enrollment in a course listed below. Once your request has been approved, you will receive an email with payment instructions soon. If you request enrollment before the early enrollment deadline (usually two weeks before classes begin), you will receive this email in time to make your payment by that deadline. If you request enrollment after the early enrollment discount deadline, you should receive the payment email on the same day as your request, but you will not be eligible for the early enrollment discount. Please make sure that email from office@onlineftta.org is able to pass through any spam filtering you may use.

PLEASE NOTE that in order to qualify for the early enrollment discount, you must make your payment before the early enrollment discount deadline. No payment for enrollment will be accepted after classes begin.

Term Start: December 30
Term End: February 23
Course Cost: US$150
Enrollment Deadline: December 23
Early Enrollment Deadline: December 16
(if payment is made by early enrollment deadline, course cost is reduced to US$120)